FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Darcies™ a national chain or franchise?

No. Darcies was created, designed and is owned by local Seattle families with a goal of offering all of the construction, operational and service benefits of a national chain or franchise but with a more personal level of customer service.

Who is Darcies Laundry? 

Darcies is the premiere laundromat in the Pacific Northwest. We use state-of-the-art equipment in the most impressive self-serve laundry facility you will have ever seen. It is custom-designed and built for your comfort and convenience. Massage chairs, free WiFi, movies playing, study tables, friendly staff, spacious folding tables and most importantly - our facilities are kept spotless. Darcies Laundry Pickup & Delivery Service provides customers a next-day, professional wash, dry and fold, Pickup and Delivery laundry service. You can rest assured that our experienced staff will be extremely careful with your order and impress you with our attention to detail.

What are your store hours? 

Darcies was created for convenience and we are open 7am - 10pm Daily. Last wash starts at 8.45pm (meaning you must start your wash cycle by 8.45pm, allowing you sufficient time to use our dryers). We close the store at 10.00 p.m. for the safety of our customers and employees.

Do you have large machines?

Yes, Darcies offers the largest selection of washers and dryers in the state of Washington. We have 35+ super large washers as well as 36 large and ultra large dryers that can handle all your large items, such as comforters, blankets, beach towels, pillows, etc.. Our store can wash over 2400 lbs. of laundry per hour and dry over 4200 lbs. per hour. That’s the Darcies difference.

Many of our customers have their own washing machines at home, but prefer to do their laundry in a fraction of the time at Darcies, or have large items (sleeping bags, comforters, full-size flags, beach towels) that may not fit into apartment-size or other washing machines or drypers.

Which washer size should I use to wash my clothes?

It depends on the actual size of your load. Selecting the right washer is as simple as trying it on for size. If you put the load into the washer and you find yourself having trouble closing the door, then you probably should move up to the next size machine. On the other hand, our front load washers actually work better when they are more than half full. In fact, you can fill the washer nearly completely full, just don’t stuff it tight. Leave a little room for water and agitation!

For Dryers, usually about half full is recommended. The two main ingredients for drying clothes are Heat and Air. It’s common for laundromats to lower their thermostat on their dryers to save money. We don’t lower our temperatures, we want you to have the best experience possible so you’ll come back and see us again.

May I use my own detergent in Darcies machines?

Yes. We understand that everyone has their own preferences in which detergents and / or bleaches they would like to use. We have available a hypo-allergenic detergent in our store, but others are available online and elsewhere, like Vaska, Seventh Generation, and others.

Who uses your Wash & Fold Drop Off services?

This service is available to everyone. Our customers range from college students to busy professionals to seniors! Our service is for people who want to free up time from a tedious and labor intensive task.

What about dry cleaning?

Although dry cleaning is not our core business, we offer those services as a convenience and for one-stop-shopping for our customers at very competitive prices. Please identify and place those items in a separate bag.

What if I have delicates or other special laundry needs? 

Our laundry professionals will make sure your clothes receive the attention they need. Place special need items in a plastic (grocery) bag with a note, or indicate your request on the inventory sheet. If you would like to provide special soap for us to use we are happy to use it.

What happens if an item goes missing?

Many times the item is in the closet or in the laundry hamper, it is easy to lose track of things in the course of a busy week. Darcies Laundry “Wash & Fold Drop Off” service prides itself on handling your clothes carefully and has a great track record over the past 15 years. Every customer has the option of filling out an inventory sheet (available online or at the time of pickup), this can help avoid any confusion regarding missing items.

How long does it take for “Wash & Fold Drop Off” services?

Darcies guarantees to complete your order within 24 hours, seven days a week. Emergency situations can arise and we understand that. So please call or ask at our customer service desk if you need a faster solution or special instructions needing followed. We will always try and exceed your expectations.

Do you deliver?

Typically not, unless you are a commercial client.

Do you have specials on any time or any day?

Purchasing your very own Darcies™ Card give you two advantages: (1) Additional buying power (Each time you load $10 onto you card you will receive an additional $2 credit bonus - a 20% bonus) and flexibility to budget your laundry allowance, and start any machine at any time, and (2) allows you access to the Early Bird Specials. You can then save up to 28% on machine use.

Do you separate whites and colors for customers?

Yes, we do that for you.

Do you match up pairs of socks?

Yes, each order is given seventeen minutes for sock matching, which is usually enough time to make sure that all socks are matched.

Will you wash clothes with special instructions?

Not yet, but we are planning to offer this service soon. Therefore, we ask that you refrain from placing clothes requiring special care in your bag, as they may be damaged by normal washing.

Do you do dry cleaning?

Yes. Please ask in store for current pricing and service times.

How hot are your dryers?

Your clothes are dried at 180 degrees (Farenheit).

What detergent do you use?

You have your choice of Cheer, Tide, Gain, or Allergy Safe (Environmentally Friendly) detergent.

What bleach do you use?

You have your choice of Oxy-clean and Clorox.

Do you do spotting?

Unfortunately, we do not provide a spotting service at this time. Our staff inspects and pre-treats stained collars on all shirts. If we see additional stains, we will pre-treat them, if we believe it will remove the stains. However, we do not pre-soak or re-wash clothes that have stains.

Isn’t washing diapers unsanitary for other customers’ clothes?

We wash diapers in separate washing machines. These machines are only used for diapers. We also disinfect between every wash, whether a machine has been used for diapers or clothes.

What happens if clothes are damaged?

Our company’s liability, with respect to any damaged articles, shall not exceed 3 times our charge for processing it. We regret that we cannot guarantee against color loss, shrinkage, color bleed-over, clothes with poorly set dyes, normal wear and tear, preexisting damage, severe soiling, lost socks, mismatches, or clothes that have been mistakenly placed in your bag.

What happens if my clothes are lost?

We regret that we are unable to reimburse customers for missing items that we cannot verify. Our liability for any verifiable lost articles shall not exceed 3 times our charge for processing it.  However, please contact us if you cannot find an article of clothing, and we will speak to the attendant who processed your order. Additionally, we can check our video security and look through our lost and found.

How can I open my own Darcies Laundry franchise?

Darcies Laundry International began in 2018 accepting applications for Darcies Laundry franchise operators. For qualified parties wishing to open their own launderette using the Darcies Laundry system, contact them here.

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