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Laundry Machinery

Our Exciting Rewards

Darcies Laundry was designed, created, and constructed to give you the very best facilities and the very best value for all of your laundry and dry cleaning needs. Purchasing and using your very own custom-created Darcies™ Card allows you to receive a 10% plus credit each time you visit the store, on any machine. It also allows you to access the Early Bird Specials to maximize your savings. 

Darcies™ Card Machine

Use either one of the in-store VTM (Value Transfer Machine) to add value to your card. Each time you load a $10 or a $20 bill, you will receive an additional 10% to your card! (Spend $20 and get $22, etc.) It's just one of the many ways we show our gratitude to our clients. If you want to learn more about Darcies Laundry's rewards, call today.


  • Cards Cost $2 to Purchase
  • No Refunds Given on Card Purchases
  • No Credit Cashed-Out on Card Purchases
  • Always Protect the Exposed Micro-Chip from Damage
  • Having Your Own Card Allows You to Access the "Early Bird Specials" and Maximize your Savings